Barbora Valášková

13 11 2023

Barbora Valášková (*1990) graduated from the Painting Studio of Robert Šalanda and Lukáš Machalický at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her work is characterized by large formats, raw painting, minimalist abstract expression and above all shades of blue. This unifying element gives the paintings a meditative character, but the painter also hides behind it the expression of her own inner feelings and emotions. Through her paintings, she presents the viewers with moments frozen in time, recorded situations - stories that the viewer must grasp on his own, but through abstraction he is left with space for his own imagination or contemplation.

Barbora Valášková has already presented her works at a number of exhibitions, for example at the OFF - HIBIT group exhibition at DSC Gallery or as part of the TA malba project at Trafo Gallery, which presented paintings by young Czech artists. In 2022, Valášková presented her work in a solo exhibition entitled Blau at Kampus Hybernská.