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Telegraph Studio accepts all art forms. The residency lasts 4-12 weeks. The artist's headquarters is a studio and an apartment right in the Telegraph premises. It also includes an accompanying program in the form of an open studio or opening reception.


Patrik Adamec (*1994), despite being a native of the North Bohemian town of Chomutov, spent a decade of his life with his parents in Florida. After returning to the Czech Republic, Patrik decided to study architecture and industrial design at the Czech Technical University. In 2017 he was accepted to the Academy of Fine Arts. Patrik Adamec is a great researcher, throwing himself into exploring city streets with great imagination and a sincere interest in human archetypes. One could say that for him the city is not just a group of buildings, but a living ecosystem where human stories intertwine. His work desk, which he considers a mirror of the soul, is full of unwanted, discarded and forgotten treasures from urban explorations. He not only observes, but actively collects fragments of everyday life, which he transforms into works of art.
His playful objects reflect the question, "What is it?" He creates a connection between convention and contingency, leaving the viewer unsettled and wondering. His work is an invitation to look into a different perspective. A world that surrounds each of us, but is often overlooked.