Connection: Alžběta Krňanská

20 3 2024

Alžběta Krňanská (*1992) represents the youngest generation of artists in the Connection project. After graduating from secondary school of fashion, she studied stage design, directing, dramaturgy and performance at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, but after a year she moved to the studio of fashion design and then to the studio of painting at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Her work combines a theatrical perspective with a designer's approach and a loose painterly imagination. She explores the possibilities of the classical medium of painting and the hanging picture. She experiments with traditional craft methods of textile or metal processing and combines them with new, available technologies. In her paintings and object installations, she combines figurative and abstract elements with typography, sign and ornament, reflecting the visual language of the architecture of Prague and Athens - the two cities where she alternately lives and works.

In recent years, her work has been strongly influenced and enriched by the experience of motherhood. She has begun to place greater emphasis on environmental sustainability and gender issues and challenges, and her work reflects the paradoxical contradiction between protected intimate space and dystopian patriarchal society. In her most recent works, she works with leftover pieces of canvas, which she combines into larger, reusable formats using patchwork techniques, or creates objects from old car bodies. Alongside painting, she makes automatic drawings that complement technically complex images with a quick and relaxed gesture. These are spontaneous records of trajectories of fleeting mental processes that emerge and disappear again in rare moments of disconnection from the assault of the everyday.