Connection: Tomáš Lampar

22 3 2024

Tomáš Lampar (*1967) is a graduated architect, since the mid-1980s he has been intensively engaged in drawing, painting, and graphic art. He works with a wide range of art techniques. He uses pencils, charcoal, crayons, pastels, watercolour, and hot wax. He prepares some of the drawing tools himself and collects the pigments with which he paints on his travels. He is inspired by working in the blacksmith's forge, exercising, reading his favourite classical authors, or working with plants in the garden. The drawings are made in a highly present state, through his hand he draws something behind the table, behind his back, behind the house, behind the garden... When he is sitting at his desk, the unlimited space becomes present in its entirety. With quick, precisely guided strokes, he traces the individual phases of dynamic phenomena, which he views with his inner vision. He is able to connect to a numinous dimension that is beyond sensory perception. He records the transformations of light or energy phenomena and processes.

Lampar works in multiple series. He marks each “paper” with the time of its creation and sometimes a factual description, perhaps for later reference. The recorded time is of great importance to him and anchors him in the present. The drawings are made alla prima, the end of the drawing is always recognized. The delicate aesthetics of his works are not just “something extra” – beauty is a universal quantity that asserts itself through them. The process of creation can take several days, during which he can stay connected and maintain the drawing's momentum. His visions are clear and distinct. For him, drawing is the only way to record them most quickly; verbal or other expressions cannot describe these experiences.