Cermak Stanek Comedy

7 6 2023 / 19:30
cinema stand-up

Starting at 19:30

Ludek Stanek has been performing as a stand-up comedian since November 2014, but denies that his midlife crisis had anything to do with it. On the day he's due to perform, Ludek starts by texting the organisers and his colleagues that "I'm not doing it this time, go to hell". He's been sending these all day. In the evening, of course, he performs and is a success.

Miloš Čermák became a comedian as part of the fight against the midlife crisis. It's undignified and humiliating (as his colleague Luděk Stanek's mother would say), but he's still better off than men who buy sports cars or run away from their families with young mistresses.



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