CINEMA: Her Body

4 12 2023 / 20:00

Twenty-three-year-old top athlete Andrea is preparing for the Olympic Games in Atlanta. As the national champion in diving, she knows nothing but the tough world of training and competition. Until she injures her spine. Her sporting career comes to an abrupt end. But her desire for success leads her to a career as a porn actress. Just as she used to control and use her body in sports, she uses it in porn films. She has fame, money, a comfortable life, independence. Eventually, though, she has to slow down...

The film is inspired by the story of Andrea Absolonova, who was one of our most successful female water jumpers in the 1990s and later an equally successful porn actress, Lea De Mae.

Czech Republic / Slovakia, 2023, 108 min
Directed by Natálie Císařovská
Recommended age 18+


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