David Krňanský

1 12 2022

David Krňanský (*1987) studied in the studio of Jiří Kovanda at the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem and then in the studio of Jiří Černický and Marek Meduna at the University of Applied Arts in Prague. During his studies, he and his fellow students Julius Reichl, Martin Lukáč and Štěpán Marko founded the Black Hole Generation art group, which was critical of the imperfection of the current artistic environment. Since finishing his studies, Krňanský deals with painting and his main theme is crisis. Krňanský exhibited in the Czech Republic and abroad, for example in the Jelení Gallery, SPZ, Futura, Hunt Kastner, Berlinskej Model, Pilsen City Gallery, Brno House of Art. Krňanský's work was showed at art fairs abroad and is represented in private collections in the Czech Republic.