Telegraph Pulse - want to taste it?

20 3 2024 | Autor: Alžběta Smejkalová

Are you in the mood for breakfast, lunch, cafe and dessert or a drink and tapas?

Are you in the mood for a change?

Then you've come to the right place in Telegraph Pulse. Because with the name change from Telegraph Cafe to Telegraph Pulse, we are bringing you a new menu, a new atmosphere, a new rhythm to the whole place.

Those of you who are our regular customers have already noticed the gradual change. For those of you who visit us once in a while, this is an opportunity to see what is new besides the name.


Since last summer, when chef Aleš Hrabec (with experience from the Austrian Michelin star restaurant Glass Garden) took over the reigns of knives and cookers, the approach to creating the menu, selecting and processing ingredients has changed. "I love working with farmers and suppliers of honest ingredients. I enjoy debating with them about what vegetables to use for what. And I get great pleasure from the way their eyes light up when they see what I am able to cook with their ingredients. It's a pleasure on both sides," says Aleš. Early on in his time at the Telegraph, Aleš began building a network of suppliers to make sure the food that leaves the kitchen is tasty, made with quality ingredients and looks beautiful. Because you eat with your eyes. In practically every course you will find vegetables grown by Mr. Gola (Ze-za-hrát-ky), we choose cheese from the Pavlinc family (Ovčí dobroty), we can't even get cabbage from anywhere else but Bystročice, and we go to Mr. Szotkowski in Vlkoš for snails.

raw materials

The next step was to adjust the layout of the menu throughout the day. You've always been able to join us for dessert and coffee, breakfast and lunch, which you still can. The big news is that from Monday to Saturday we offer tapas from 4pm onwards (and we recommend accompanying it with wine or a drink).

From Monday to Friday, breakfast (8am-11am), lunch (11am-3pm) and tapas from 4pm onwards have a firm place in the day's schedule. On Saturdays and Sundays, brunch will be offered between 9am and 3pm and tapas again after 4pm on Saturdays.


You may be asking why tapas? "Generally at the Telegraph we like to travel and take inspiration from abroad. We were looking for the kind of food that would also set us apart. You can go anywhere in Olomouc for a big dinner. But where to go for a meal with a group and have multiple courses that you can share around to each other? You can't get that option almost anywhere," explains Telegraph Pulse manager Terezie Mojžíšová. Of course, no one is going to tell you how you should eat tapas. You can go for them as a couple or treat them as a classic meal and order a portion just for yourself. We will tempt you with classic croquettes, hummus or snails in herb butter. Of course, we suggest complementing the tapas with wine or a well-mixed drink. As a novelty, the popular Espresso Martini has been on our menu for a couple of weeks now, and we've elevated your favourite Ice Tea, which we normally offer in a non-alcoholic version, to a mixed drink with a shot of white rum and our own syrup.

What about those lunches?

It's safe to say that we've maintained a certain standard throughout Telegraph Cafe/Telegraph Pulse's existence. Those with a flair for serving won't have missed the subtle changes in service: soups and sauces in teapots, cutlery in pockets, a spare commentary by the server to let you know what's on your plate. For occasions when you want to indulge in a longer, multi-course menu, we also have lunch packages with an appetizer and petit fours. Don't be shy about inviting your partner to dine with us, or having a working lunch with colleagues. Especially with us for such occasions you will always find a pleasant atmosphere.


Speaking of atmosphere...

It's the changes in the menu, the quality of service you receive at our restaurant, and the choice of music that influence the mood of the place. Calmer in the morning and midday, livelier in the afternoon, more relaxed in the evening. Come and try out what appeals to you most.