Vlaďka Kouřilová: Re-designing your own life

13 12 2023 / 17:30
cinema growth time self-development lecture

Do you feel like your life is heading in a direction you're not exactly thrilled about right now? That every day is a carbon copy of yesterday, and even though nothing "bad" is happening, somewhere inside you is gnawing at the feeling that somehow it could all be more joyful, more alive, more meaningful? And every time you try to change something or move somewhere, you are overwhelmed by a feeling of fear, insecurity, but also the conviction that you are not good enough? Then it's time to pound the table and do something really different. The courageous talk "Re-designing Your Life" is the best stepping stone for women who are looking for inspiration to reboot their lives and feel that they are made for something more than their current life has to offer. We'll show you how you can spread your wings with more confidence and courage, overcome fears and insecurities, and start creating a life exactly as you want it with renewed energy and motivation.

Forget the "shoulds", "what ifs" or "when". Imagine that you are standing at a crossroads in your life and the only right path leads where you have been afraid to step. It is a path that may seem wild, unknown and distant, but it is a path that is yours alone. It's time to ask yourself: "When if not now?" Because your life is happening here and now. During this talk, we will explore together all that holds us back in our lives and why we are so afraid to dream out loud. We will discuss how to break away from the routine and the daily stereotype, how to recharge your batteries with new energy and get motivated to start living a life where you wake up every morning with a smile on your face. You will learn how to recognize aspects of life that no longer serve you, and how to allow yourself to be more yourself and act accordingly. We will transform "it would be nice if..." to "I'm gonna go and do it."

During this interactive lecture, you'll gain tools and techniques to help you step out of your shadow, discover what you really want in life, and how to turn those desires into concrete plans, among other things. You'll discover why our minds so often whisper "you're not good enough" and learn how to turn those limiting beliefs into greater inner confidence. "Re-Design Your Life" is not just about big life changes, but also about small daily decisions that lead to deeper satisfaction and greater life fulfillment.Join us and be part of a group of like-minded women who have decided to take life into their own hands. Because the good life is just the beginning - the best life is yet to come.


Vladka Kouřilová
I am a transformational coach, business mentor and author of my own fashion brand. I help everyone on their life journey who wants to escape the daily stereotype and find the fastest way to personal self-realization and a fulfilled life in all its areas. With a respect for the past and an open eye to the future, I show others how to overcome limiting patterns of thought and behavior and how to transform them into empowering tools that are the key to growth and achieving significant success.


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