NIGHT OF SCIENCE: Gravity - where science ends and fiction begins / Lukáš Houška

6 10 2023 / 18:00
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This popular lecture on the film Gravity will guide you through this interesting film. We'll look at where the filmmakers have succeeded in showing exactly how things work in space, and where they've gone a bit overboard with their artistic license. Could the International Space Station collide with a Chinese space station? How fast does one put on a spacesuit? And are all spacecraft compatible? Find out these and many other secrets in this popular lecture about where Sci ends and Fi begins in Gravity!


Lukáš Houška

A popularizer of cosmonautics, historian, explorer of the Czech landscape, editor of the Kosmonautix website and an enthusiastic lover of science and knowledge. He comes from Pilsen and is passionate about space, rockets, spacecraft and science fiction literature. He enjoys exploring authors' ideas about the future and comparing them with how the future eventually evolved.


When you are in space, you are alone. It's just you in a tight suit that you're afraid to even sneeze into. You and the suit in an infinite space with a few tiny, insignificant islands shaped like satellites, satellites, stations... Earth. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star in this chilling thriller from directorAlfonso Cuarón.

Czech subtitles
Drama / Thriller / Sci-Fi
USA / UK, 2013, 91 min
Directed by Alfonso Cuarón


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