Science in film: Time Travel and BACK TO THE FUTURE

12 12 2023 / 18:30
cinema lecture movie english friendly

The Science in Film series is back! After analyzing Gravity and Vampire Dark Shadows, we now delve into the world of time travel. Or is it non-fiction? An expert on the subject will answer that and more!

In collaboration with the UP Crowd, a group of students and friends of science, we bring you another film screening followed by a science perspective on the film's theme. The association is based at Palacký University in Olomouc and its main goal is to popularize and promote science. It organises lectures, events for schools, stands with experiments and you can also follow the Vědátor project on social media. In the cult sci-fi film Back to the Future, the main character Marty finds himself in the past thanks to the invention of his friend, the mad doctor Emmett Brown. The time machine is built into a legendary Delorean car that transports him to 1955, when his parents were just dating as high school students. Marty accidentally manages to disrupt the time continuum and then must correct his mistake in order to even be born in the future.

Czech subtitles
Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi
USA, 1985, 116 min
Directed by Robert Zemeckis


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